Cascada Portfolio Say Hi!

Hello! i Am Jesus Olivas
(A.k.a “Casus”)

I am a multidisciplinary designer. Specialized in digital products.

UX Design

I enjoy every step of the user-centered design process. Researching to understand who is the main user(s) I’m designing for and understand what are their mindsets and problems. Brainstorming solutions with multidisciplinary teams and testing them to validate (or discard) our assumptions, in order to provide the best experience possible to the user, always keeping in mind the business needs and goals.

Visual / Interaction Design

I believe in building trust by delighting the users through appealing visual solutions, providing guidence, consistency, herarchy and affordance so the user can interact seamesly with complex systems. I Enjoy animation, not just as an eyecandy but as medium to grab attention and provide useful feedback. And finally either prototyping the solution my self through html + css/sass as a deliverable to dev teams, or providing assets, specs and support to ensure the proper implementation.

Brand Design

I think the brand is the biggest asset of a company. I enjoy building brands from the ground up by aligning their core business into a personality that resonates with their target audience’s values, through storytelling that translate into naming, logo, and its extention to any physical/digital product, or service.


You are currently on my personal illustration site, I enjoy doing this on my free time as a side-project and as a way of self-expression and personal amusement. I also work on comissioned project for several editorials or brands, doing all kind of projects like web, posters, childrens book, packaging, and more. Also i am a co-founder of a small business of interior design specialized on the creation of illustrated products and projects for baby rooms called “pichon dormilon”.
Take a look here.